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Peterboro Grocery Bag Dispenser Basket

$52.00 $42.00
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This basket was the runner up of our 2013 Basket Competition on facebook.

Keep those ugly but useful plastic bags out of sight, but close at hand too! Pop those grocery bags right in the top to store them, then pull them straight right out of the bottom when you need them! Hang in your kitchen close to where you unpack groceries and shopping. Also, keep near your litter box to keep clean-up bags close at hand.

This most useful storage basket comes with a genuine leather handle riveted to the backside for added strength. A solid Ash disc has been bored out 2 inches in the center which becomes your pull through for your grocery bags. Keeping our Dispenser Basket on the backside of a door, or cabinent in your kitchen, keeps it handy and solves space issue you may have.

This Basket measures:7 ¼" Diameter (Top) X 6 ⅜" Diameter (Bottom) X 10" High

Our Grocery Bag Dispenser Basket is pictured in our Honey Stain and is also available in our Cherry, Whitewash, Blackwash, Driftwood Gray and the Natural Ashwood.

We are the only manufacturer of this “one-of-a-kind” basket design. Handcrafted in the USA from 100% USA made materials.

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  1. Pretty Basket!

    Posted by Pat on 7th Nov 2016

    I know it's hard to conceive that you can get excited about a grocery bag holder but this one is great! I have it hanging by my kitchen door and no one can guess that it's not just a pretty decorative basket. It's very easy to fill, holds a lot of bags and because it's right by my door I never forget to grab some bags when I take the dogs for a walk. Like all Peterboro baskets it's beautiful and made to last for many years to come. Plus it's so much better than trying to cram the bags down a holder that in made of material.

  2. Where to hide those ugly plastic bags

    Posted by Mari on 1st Aug 2016

    I received my Peterboro grocery bag dispenser and I love it! I've tried so many ways of stashing those plastic bags that just didn't work for me. The dispenser is PERFECT and I don't have to hide it in a cupboard. I'm so glad I made the purchase.

  3. perfect solution to recycling shopping bags

    Posted by allie on 3rd Aug 2014

    excellently made basket to store all those recyclable shopping bags...very sturdy and well made as i tend to keep it cram packed! very easy to pull bags out of the bottom.

    love peterboro baskets ;)