Taste of the South Magazine Feature

Baskets are one of the oldest and timeless art forms known to man. Their simple, but tedious design and infrastructure makes them like no other item. From simple décor, to purposeful storage, baskets are really all you could ever ask for in an item. See, we absolutely love baskets, and we hope you do too. We love the uniqueness, the simplicity, the elegance and the history. Oh and of course, their multiple uses!

Ever flip through one of your favorite magazines in search of great ideas and projects? Personally, we do that all the time. But you know what makes us even happier than finding the perfect recipe or a great new “do it yourself?” Finding a picture of our very own Peterboro Basket!

Taste of the South featured us in their issue on how to “picnic with style” and if we do say so ourselves, they couldn’t be more accurate. Our American made picnic basket really is the perfect blend between style and functionality.  

12th Apr 2014 | Posted by Wayne Dodds

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