Martha Stewart Living Magazine Feature

Martha Stewart Living Magazine Feature

Posted by Wayne Dodds on Apr 12th 2014

The July 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living featured the Peterboro Deluxe Twin-Split Picnic Basket as part of the Independence Day style kit. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, no worries, you can read the write-up below:

“Nothing says preppy chic better, or with a broader Massachusetts accent, than a pair of Nantucket Reds, Knockoffs abound, but the real-deal cotton slacks are found at Murray’s Toggery Shop, a 65-year-old store on the island’s main street. The pants telegraph the easygoing New England style, particularly after the sun and sand, or multiple washings, fade the brick-colored dye to a ripe soft salmon hue. They go perfectly with a Peterboro picnic basket. The New Hampshire company’s totes, handmade from Appalachian white ash since 1854, are sturdy and roomy. Now all you need is a patch of green.”

Peterboro Baskets, Nantucket Reds clothing, and Martha Stewart Living — works for us.

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