Design New England Magazine Feature

Design New England Magazine Feature

Hello fellow basket lovers! Ready for a new twist on your favorite basket? Because we are! So you know we love holidays, baking, holiday baking, and most of all baskets with holiday baking in them, but what you may not have know is we absolutely love interior decorating. In fact, we are constantly searching for new ways to not only make our product better to serve you, but ways to make it better in our homes as well!

Honestly, one of our go to magazines for all ideas interior design is definitely Design New England. They always have the latest trends, and all the ways to make it happen right here in New England. And like you, we don’t always have a lot of free time on our hands so the simpler the better. And of the ideas that we fell in love with was a feature of our very own Perfect Size Shopper basket in Design New England.

Want to fall in love with it too? We thought you might so check it out for yourself and tell if you absolutely love it too!

12th Apr 2014 | Posted by Wayne Dodds

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