Boston Weddings Magazine Feature

Boston Weddings Magazine Feature

Everything about love: the smiles, the laughter, and especially the promise of forever, are something that we love. That’s right, we’re wedding people! A wedding is something truly personal, and a way of sharing just how much you love each other, with all the other lovely people in your life. A wedding isn’t just a promise; it’s the beginning of who you are together.

We believe there is not one specific way to say “I do,” but we do believe there is one thing that should always be incorporated: a touch of personal décor. We adore when couples put their own personal touches on things to remind us who they really are, and how they fell in love. Are you newly engaged and looking to plan your big day? Boston Weddings magazine is definitely the way to go. They have tons of pictures and ideas of everything you could even need to do to make your big day special.

Recently Boston Weddings featured our very own Bike Basket! As you can imagine we were excited about it! Want to see for yourself? Take a look!

12th Apr 2014 | Posted by Wayne Dodds

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