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Peterboro Seasonal Chore Basket

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Peterboro Seasonal Chore Basket

The Peterboro Seasonal Chore Basket has a functional purpose for every season. In the Fall, this decorative basket makes a great display for colorful corn or pumpkins. the Appalachian Ash is naturally resistant to moisture, so it will hold up well as an outdoor display. For the holiday season the basket makes for easy carrying of presents when you visit your loved ones. Through Winter and Spring the basket is large enough to be a great closet or under-bed storage choice. And in Summer and Fall, use this basket for outdoor chores or as a shopper basket at your local farmer’s market.

The smooth finish swing handles make this basket a joy to carry and the handles rest neatly on the sides of the basket for space-saving storage.


  • Decoration on the porch
  • Carrying tools to the garden
  • Shopping at your local markets
  • Closet or laundry room storage

This basket is available in Honey, Cherry and Driftwood Gray finishes, as well as in Natural ash. It comes with the Peterboro brass medallion and limited lifetime warranty. The basket measures approx.: 20½"L x 12½"W x 6½"H.

We are the only manufacturer of this “one-of-a-kind” basket design. Handcrafted in the USA from 100% USA made materials.