Factory Closing


Since 1854, the Peterboro Basket Company has been producing handwoven, hardwood baskets in Peterborough, New Hampshire. This year, 168 years after its founding, the decision has been made to close the factory and stop production of these quality, handmade baskets.

As you probably know, Peterboro Baskets are principally made of U.S. grown, Appalachian White Ash, the same wood used in ax handles and baseball bats. For some years the Emerald Ash Borer beetle has reduced the availability of the wood used to make the baskets.

Other considerations when making this decision are:
• Extreme labor shortages for manufacturing the baskets
• Significant ongoing supply chain issues
• Owners that are ready to retire

The factory will be producing its last basket in the Summer/Fall of 2022. There will be a limited amount of baskets as we finalize the closing.

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