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Peterboro Smart Shopper

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Peterboro Smart Shopper

Reusable shopping bags are better for the environment than disposable paper or plastic bags, but there’s an even better alternative. The Peterboro Smart Shopper basket can hold twice as much as the average grocery bag – without tearing or busting. And its sturdy construction makes it so much easier to pack, and unload, than floppy reusable bags. Best of all, items packed in this stable basket are not likely to slide out and roll around your car on the trip home from the market.

The smooth finish swing handles make this basket a joy to carry and the handles rest neatly on the sides of the basket for space-saving storage. Despite its generous proportions and durable ash wood construction, this basket is surprisingly lightweight…until you fill it up!


  • Handy for bringing small loads of laundry to and from the clothesline
  • Makes a great beach tote for towels, snacks, and other fun-in-the-sun essentials
  • A handy way to carry large, bulky items anywhere you need to go

This basket is available in Honey, Cherry and Driftwood Gray finishes, as well as in Natural ash. It comes with the Peterboro brass medallion and limited lifetime warranty. The basket measures approx.: 18"L x 11¾"W x 9¾"H.

We are the only manufacturer of this “one-of-a-kind” basket design. Handcrafted in the USA from 100% USA made materials.