Picnic Basket

Peterboro Deluxe Twin Split Lid, Picnic & Storage Basket with Liner

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Peterboro Deluxe Twin Split Lid, Picnic & Storage Basket with Liner

The Peterboro Deluxe Twin Split Lid Picnic Storage With Liner is designed for traditional picnic style and easy carrying with quick access to your picnic items. The wipe-clean, gingham liner has that classic picnic look and feel. The top of the basket has lids on both ends of this conveniently-sized basket, attached with screwed-on brass hinges. The swing handles make for easy one-hand carrying while being able to swing down on either side of the basket.

This basket will last for generations, as Peterboro Baskets are handcrafted from Appalachian White Ash (the same hardwood that’s used for baseball bats and axe handles) and 100% made-in-the-U.S.A. parts.

Choose the option to personalize this basket and make it a family heirloom. Your personalization will be laser engraved on a solid cherry wood oval-shaped plaque and attached at the center of the secured middle part of the lid.  There are two size options: The large size is 6” L x 1” at the widest point.  The small size is 3 ¼” L x 1” at the widest point.

This basket is available in Honey, Cherry and Driftwood Gray finishes, as well as Natural White Ash. It comes with the Peterboro Basket brass medallion and limited lifetime warranty and your choice of liner color: Green, Blue, and Red Gingham. The basket measures approx.: 14"L x 9"W x 7"H.

Peterboro Basket Company is the only manufacturer of this “one-of-a-kind” basket design. The basket is handcrafted in the USA from hardwood Appalachian Ash and 100% American-made materials. All of the hardware has been brass coated to help prevent rusting.