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Peterboro Custom-Made Maple Ornament Set

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Peterboro Custom-Made Maple Ornament Set

With images reminiscent of an earlier time, sharply laser-etched into a beautiful solid hardwood bird’s-eye maple disc, the Peterboro Custom-Made Maple Ornaments will bring joy to you and your family for generations. They may last as long as your Peterboro Baskets! For authenticity, a Peterboro Basket medallion is laser-etched into the back of each disc.

The hardwood ornaments include a bright red ribbon so you can hang them from your evergreen and emphasize the colors of the Christmas season. The discs are finished with catalyzed lacquer for an extra shine and to keep them pretty and protected for years.

There are 4 different images in the set: A classic Christmas wreath, a happy smiling Santa, a magical snowman, and the star to guide the Magi. The star is cut out of the disc so the bright tree lights can shine through on Christmas morning.

(A fifth design, an antique open sleigh, is available ONLY as a complimentary gift with the purchase of $100 in baskets, on Cyber Monday 2020)

Each of the 4 ornaments measures approx.: 3½" in diameter x ⅛" thick.