Peterboro Cherry Wood Wire Cheese Cutter

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Peterboro Cherry Wood Wire Cheese Cutter

This high quality cheese slicer makes a great addition to your serveware. The hardwood cherry base is heavy duty to last for years. Handcrafted, so no two are alike, the wood is finished smooth to the touch with a polished look and feel.

The cutting mechanism adjusts up and down and stays in place so you can adjust the thickness of your cheese slices. The wire makes a perfect slice to serve on your favorite crackers. Large enough to erve a good helping of snacks, it is also handy enough to include in your Peterboro picnic basket.

Like your Peterboro Baskets, the cutting board is made in America of American hardwood. The board measures approx. 12"W x 7"D x 1"H. (The cutting mechanism sticks out 1" from the end and 2" from the side in the down position.) The board includes our Peterboro Basket medallion.