Peterboro Basket 2018 Wood Ornaments

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Peterboro Basket 2018 Wood Ornaments

This Christmas, add a little something to your basket gift that rings of the holidays and the quality of handcrafted, hardwood Peterboro Baskets.

These four router-engraved wood ornaments will look great attached to baskets filled with goodies as you arrive Christmas Day to play Santa for family and friends. You can use the backside of the birch ornaments as fancy gift tags, and when the presents are opened the ornaments can hang from the tree for years as a reminder of your thoughtful gift. Each ornament comes with the Peterboro brass medallion securely embedded into the hardwood plaque.

There are four ornaments: the snowflake, the snowman, the gingerbread man, and Santa's sleigh. The ornaments come in honey finish with a red ribbon attached. They measure about 4" in the longest direction.

We are the only manufacturer of this “one-of-a-kind” ornament design. Handcrafted in the USA from 100% USA made materials.

The Peterboro Basket 2018 Wood Ornaments are designed, cut and engraved by Hazel Street Market in west Springfield, Massachusetts.