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Peterboro 8-Compartment Limited Edition Shopper

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Peterboro 8-Compartment Limited Edition Shopper

The Peterboro 8-Compartment Limited Edition Shopper is one of those baskets that is difficult to categorize because possible uses are limited only to your creativity. Imagine it as an elegant utensil holder on the table at your Thanksgiving feast or by your side as you craft your Holiday decorations. The 8-compartments make it ideal to carry picnic items to the porch, and the inserts are removable, so the next day you can carry it to the market. The double swing handles make toting it from house to auto a pleasure. The strong hardwood means it can stand up to storage for heavy tools but its classic beauty make it a possible decorative display for the den.

The inserts come in four pieces. Three side to side and one that runs down the middle, lengthwise. This means you can configure the spaces to match your task at hand, such as...

  • Delivering cutlery, napkins, and condiments to the table
  • Sorting art & craft supplies, such as glue, pencils, paints and brushes
  • A handy tote for cleaning supplies to tackle household chores
  • By the phone to organize writing utensils and paper pads
  • In the workshop for keeping small tools close at hand and easy to find

This basket is available in Honey and Cherry finishes. It comes with the Peterboro Basket brass medallion and limited lifetime warranty. The basket measures approx.: 13½"L x 8½"W x 5"H (9"H to the top of the two swing handles) and 12"L x 6"W inside at the base.

Peterboro Basket Company is the only manufacturer of this “one-of-a-kind” basket design. The basket is handcrafted in the USA from hardwood Appalachian Ash and 100% American-made materials. All of the hardware has been brass coated to help prevent rusting.