History of Buy Yourself a Basket Day

Most people do not realize but April 1st is Buy Yourself a Basket day. This tradition is deeply rooted in Greek mythology. You can learn more about the origins of the holiday below by reading or you can ignore the hard work put into writing this email by skipping to the last paragraph to see the coupon code. The choice is your but remember that Athena is watching.

The origins of the holiday can be traced back to Ledia, a small town in Northern Greece, where the young maiden Arachne resided. Arachne was known among all in Northern Greece for her apt skills as a weaver with numerous fans to whom she would constantly boast about her skills. She was so arrogant in her skills she even went so far as to boast she could out weave Athena, the goddess of skill herself.

When Athena heard these claims she took a mortal form of an elderly woman and appeared to Arachne. She told her she was foolhardy to challenge the goddess and was best advised to ask forgiveness for her bragging. Without hesitating Arachne once again claimed she was of all the weavers, mortal or otherwise, godly. At hearing these words pass through Arachne’s lips Athena transformed into her godly form and said if Arachne wanted a challenge it was hers.

They started weaving and weaving and before long pictures started to emerge from there weave. Athena had weaved a beautiful vista of Mount Olympus, while Arachne had weaved a depiction of her triumphant over Athena in competition. Athena looked over her work which had been weaved perfectly but pointed out something with so little regard for the gods could never be perfect. Athena then transformed Arachne into the first spider saying in this way she may be able to weave forever.

This time every year was when baskets started to be weaved in order that they would be ready for the spring harvest. It was on the first day of April that farmers would purchase these baskets in preparation of the growing season. In honor of this tradition and in order to help sell the inventory that poor Arachne has been producing all year we are offering a coupon code of 22% of all purchases. Just enter the code arachne between 11:59pm 3/28 and 11:59pm 3/2 to get your discount.

27th Mar 2014 | Posted by Wayne Dodds

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