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We are very excited that our Peterboro High-styled Picnic basket is shown in the opening spread of the This Old House American Classics feature July, 2014.

Peterboro Basket Company has been handcrafting baskets since 1854, so it seems appropriate that we should be included in This Old House. We also use 100% made-in-the-USA parts, from American hardwood to the brass rivets and wipe-out liners, so “American Classic” also seems fitting.

Many of our baskets are classics, but our picnic baskets feature some of our very best sellers and are perfect for the start of Summer. Built to last for generations, with personalization options these baskets become family heirlooms which may be enjoyed by your children, and your grandchildren, perhaps in their your “old” house.

On a side note, we are pretty sure that the bicycle on the cover of this issue is sporting a Peterboro bicycle basket. . . another American Classic.

Meet Papillionaire Bicycles, Our Exclusive Distributor in Australia

Meet Papillionaire Bicycles, Our Exclusive Distributor in AustraliaPeterboro may be a company steeped in New England tradition, but that doesn’t mean our baskets can’t be enjoyed oceans away. Take a visit Down Under and you might just spot one of our handcrafted Peterboro bicycle baskets riding down the street, thanks to our partnership with Papillionaire Bicycles. Exclusive distributors of Peterboro baskets in [...]

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Martha Stewart Living American Made Feature

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Real Simple Magazine Feature

Have you ever had a vision appear so vividly in your head that you really were unsure as to how you could recreate it? Well that happens to us all the time. We’re constantly looking up new recipes and testing them out, but we can never seem to get them exactly like the picture online. Or if we do, [...]

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Martha Stewart Living Magazine Feature

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Design New England Magazine Feature

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Taste of the South Magazine Feature

Baskets are one of the oldest and timeless art forms known to man. Their simple, but tedious design and infrastructure makes them like no other item. From simple décor, to purposeful storage, baskets are really all you could ever ask for in an item. See, we absolutely love baskets, and we hope you do too. We love the uniqueness, [...]

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Boston Weddings Magazine Feature

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Country Living Magazine Feature

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The Week Magazine Feature

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